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Linebarrel hover legs module/frame [Zephyr]#592

A module that is a new main engine node which changes how you move and enables a hover playstyle that would let you float around freely albeit be a bit slower than walking with using boost for lots of speed. Alongside a seperate option for leg armor part and frame changes/additions. The new engine node and aesthetic options can be used on all frames (Skeleton, Rex and Spider) and combinations (Helios node on Zephyr legs).

Just to clarify this is not a entire new frame idea like Rex or Spider

2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago

Module/Engine Main Node

It could function like post #408 (Hover Function for Thrusters) or make it so that it would glide around like a Exia and has free control of the Y axis with only a set fuel burn rate when floating in the sky as to balance it since being able to stay in the air forever is very unbalanced and OP.

As a main engine node, it could influence the movement stats to correspond and better balance the new playstyle with buffs or nerfs to certain stats. Mainy durability, acceleration, power and armor with stuff like fuel capacity and ammo reserves being varients that cater to a specific kind of playstyle like melee, range or balance.

2 years ago


As for designs, the parts below the knees would be reworked to appear more linebarrel while also retaining the amount of parts as to also retain the decal and accessory slots or just have the ankle and below become more pointy with accessories being used to make it more linebarrel.

As for other frame shapes and design ideas. Strelizia apus for Spider frame and Rex frame, the flying enemy from Metal Gear Rising: Revengence. The skeleton frame could be like Zone of Enders Anubis or Iron Sagas Jormungand. Depending on the approach, integrated thrusters in the legs or even feet.

Just as a reminder this is a seperate option which could be unlocked when researching the corresponding node that can also work with any Module.

2 years ago

Just a cosmetic suggestion: The ability to toggle thruster effects. Maybe someone would want to emulate levitation with fancy anti-grav tech

2 years ago

Check out my other modules, #368 (Taurus) and #600 (Helios)

Feel free to comment your thoughts and ideas!

2 years ago

I would also note that Linebarrel/ZOE legs in design have already been suggested in but yes some sort of hovering functionality would also be cool

2 years ago

Any possibility for an option to replace the running animations with hovering along the ground?

2 years ago