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Idea on how to Rework Tutorial#586

This is my idea on how to rework the Tutorial

So the Tutorial I heard would need a little rework. So Break it into such.

[ First 3 can be indivitual missions or one lump mission]

  • Movement Tutorial Level: Teaches the basics of movement, and shows off the basic Interface.

  • Advanced Manuvers Tutorial Level: Teaches how to use thrust and manuver in air, and where on the interface Fuel and Boost are.

  • Basic Weapons: Teaches about the weapons, and types, what buttons uses what, shows Interface Ammo and the like, and how to user them.

[ These would fall under Sparing and Live Fire Exercises]

  • Practical Exam: Puts the first 3 tutotials to the test, to see if you got them down, its a simple test, no enemies, but has nice targets and areas where arial Manuvers would be practical in.

  • Pactice Bout: Puts up fakes of enemies for you to fight against.
    – Practice Room Unlocked: Allows you to test your skills agains a boss or group of enemies, without having to worry about losses.

[ Reworked Mission 1, degused as a Training mission]

  • Live Fire Exercise: It is going to go to hell in a handbaset, basically you go out to do a routine match with live ammo, and weapons, and end up defending the base, from a Quark assult, where no one else was expecting a fight.

This would work as a open field and “Kill all the Things” mission example.

– Unlocks Life Fire Field: Basically Practice Room, but more dangerous.

[ Reworked Mission 2, Teaches about indoor/ Confined Area Combat, Clear out the nearby Nest ]

  • Track Down, and Destroy Nest.

Assuming Quarks Nest here, and have mini-quarks… Go Clear out the nest so they can’t mount more offenives so close to main base, This would be a Seek and Destroy Mission. And Show one how to track enemies.

The area is confined enough that Missles are very ineffective, and use of the scanner/First Person View would be needed.

[ Reworked Mission 3, Re-establish Communications Past the Minefield]

  • Gives Players a first hand look at Mines, before they are a problem, and shows how to interact withthings. There will be minimum enemies, but this could also be used to where Mission one use to be… and just put in a small EMP Minefield before the normal mission would take place.

Basically so on and so forth, teaching them things while also playing missions.

[ Reworked Mission 4, Aqua battles ]

  • Introduce the a aquatic frame, or what not… teaches how weapons act differently in water,

[ Reworked Mission 5, Air battles ]

  • Introduces the Air Frame, and/or Flight Spesific Development.

[ Reworked Mission 6. Introduces the Spidere Frame, and its Features ]

  • Basics of the Spider frame, and how it works, as well as terrane where it would be used, and most effective on.

So on and so forth till

[End Act 1] and give a nice bonus 1 time reward.

It would give more estensive experience to players, as well as get them aquanted with the various frames and interactions in the game.

2 years ago

I think missions shouldn’t lock the player to a specific frame type at all, as it goes against the game’s focus on keeping looks and gameplay as separate as possible.

Also, the only frame types that are planned at the moment are reverse-joint and multi-legged, with no (known) plans for aquatic- or air-based ones.

As for a tutorial rework, I think the game could get more inspiration from Half-Life 2 (if you haven’t played that game, do it, as it’s a great showcase of tutorials that don’t feel like tutorials).

What I mean is, MB’s protagonist supposedly already has pilot training, so going through yet another training session is weird.

Instead, the current tutorial could be merged with the first actual mission (mission 2 in the list), making the player learn the game’s basics by having them play through the protag’s first mission as PMC leader.

While it could be argued the tutorial mission we have is justified because it’s also a systems check, I think a disguised tutorial mission like I suggested in the above paragraph could work if it was located close to the PMC’s base, to allow a hypothetical intervention should something go wrong.

Here’s how that mission could go (stuff in parentheses is what the part would teach):

  1. M.A.S.S. arrives in the Izmoil Canyon area. The first real mission takes place there, so let’s reuse it for the purpose of this merged tutorial mission
  2. Goes through a “room” with multiple levels (walking and jumping), followed by a corridor with a deeper chasm and a ramp, or a bunch of ledges, leading back to the ledge at the beginning of the chasm (boost-flying), followed by a room requiring breaking a big rock wall to go through (basic weapon usage).
  3. Next room contains a damaged antenna. Have the player investigate it (tutorial), then spawn a few cannon fodder Quarks (live combat). Terrain should be flat-ish here.
  4. Next room has more Quarks, including a single flying one (dealing with flying units) and a few bigger ones, then the player investigates two more antennas. Terrain could have more elevations in the form of plateaus, with no smooth ramps at all, but enemies would need to be able to handle those first.
  5. Next room has the Goliath boss (dealing with bosses).

Since the first real mission is called “Patrol Operation”, it would also make it seem more like a real patrol.

I think the game does an okay job of teaching other mechanics, but mission 4 could also get a small expansion to better teach how to deal with EMP mines.

There could be one more room, at the very beginning of the mission, with no enemies, a single mine, and enough room to dodge the blast. Alternatively, the room could be too small to dodge the blast, but the mine would be way slower to recharge (to make it easier to disarm for slower-reacting players), which could be justified by having the mine being defective compared to its siblings later in the mission.

2 years ago
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2 years ago

Please focus on what we have right now when it comes to this kind of stuff, making entire new levels not to mention a whole lot of them would require immense amount of work.

Also underwater missions have not been confirmed and they are not adding in advanced aerial controls.

Id rather have something like post #321 (Training Room)

2 years ago