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Diversity in Cyclops/Bandit armaments#490

A new war is coming, thus new and old machines of war arise

While fighting Mass is cool, they will eventually get boring so adding drone tanks, aircraft and other vehicles/weapons would spice them up as well as give more dynamic combat. This idea came from #295 [PMC Gameplay Expansion].

Lore wise, I dont think Mass should be the only weapons on the frontline against Quarks and now other humans so I think its time to go back to humanities roots and fix up some old war machines. Drone tanks, jets, gunships, other mechs etc. Cyclops does need a aeiral unit afterall so it would fit.

During the Dam mission, we did see the Cyclops Mass bring some drones in to steal some batteries, why not give them some weapons?

Also give current Mass enemies some energy launchers, possibly in the energy launchers rework since they do need a upgrade.

2 years ago
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Feel free to add on or comment your thoughts!

2 years ago