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Add Durability Recovery to Quantum Break#815

There are currently zero ways for a M.A.S.S. to recover Durability by default, with recovery being locked to very specific Architecture nodes. While this appears to be a conscious decision to differentiate it from Shields, being forced to endure 20 minutes with a sliver of health and no hope of recompense because you got an unlucky scrap at the beginning of the mission is not particularly fun.

To counteract this, you could add a recovery effect to Quantum Break, either as a burst of healing upon entering the stance, a steady regeneration, or even a lifesteal effect. This would likely make the most sense for Enhanced and/or Armored Break, though all four forms could potentially benefit from some variation.

4 days ago

As a note, preference would be to include this as a default feature of QB, but a tuning node would also be helpful, preferably a low- to mid-tier one.

4 days ago