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Quality of Life for Build Mode#789

A significant amount of time is spent in the build mode.
Ideas to allow faster building:
-Moving adjust sliders with mouse wheel for quick fine adjustement (and/or WASD)
-3D guides (X, Y, Z) from origin point to adjust accessories even without an armor part equipped
-toggle button for auto-mirror (apply one part -> automatically applied to the other side)
-copy-paste single/multiple accessories and their adjust values from one part to another
-toggle key to switch between local/armor part/world space for 3D adjustments
-undo/redo keys(CTRL-Z, CTRL-Y) for adjustments
-adjusting multiple or all accessories of a part at once (select parts A + B -> adjust both at once)
–hovering over accessory slot in assemble mode should illuminate the accessory like in paint mode. (in complex builds i have to switch to paint mode to see which part is which, it works much better than the dotted line indicators)
-saving global paint styles for a whole frame, including all colors for every armor/accessory at once to apply to other frames
-random paint button: select 2 colors, apply randomly to part/whole frame in different combinations at once for faster color prototyping

4 months ago