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Easy is important#784

I’ve been following the game and its a blast! One thing I would like to suggest though. I know you have the policy that nothing should be REQUIRED for a player to do certain things and if they dont have that item/skill/perk they are completly locked out of doing that thing. I understand where you’re coming from. I would like to say that I believe there could be a danger in hardlining that stance because it could prevent you from adding something that would be really fun and awesome. Personally I believe that whatever you do it should be EASY, for instance: Lets say there are perk trees in a game that give you the abilty that when you have them it unlock certain special attacks. The frustration comes when you either cant redistibute your perk points, there are a limited number of times you can redistribute, it is difficult to acqurie perk points, or you can only redistribute at certain physical locations and/or points in the progression of the game. Based on the type of game you’re making I believe that it being EASY and having NO barriers to changing things whenever you want is what is important. Weather or not you agree doesnt matter to me. I just ask that you consider the thought.

5 months ago