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Weapons Building "Accessories Part" Glitch#783

When building (Assemble) weapons, if you have a (Homing Missile x12) as your selected “Bullet Launcher” and you add a “Accessories Part” in “Projectile” the part will duplacate itself (in this case 6 times) in the same orientation of the “Projectile” object.

Each spot would duplacate itself by the number of “Projectile” the “Bullet Launcher” would have.

The fix would be to have one “Accessories Part” for each spot insted of duplacate itself each spot.

8 months ago

You can attach the accessory to the launcher instead of the projectile to get around this. (the 0 in the sockets section)

8 months ago

Right I understand that, the thing is though is I’m actually using all of the slots to make these wing effects. So if I don’t use the slots in the projectile section I won’t be able to make the wing

8 months ago

And what about people who want to make a launcher look like a cannon array instead? Or have custom-built missiles that look a certain way?

An ideal would probably be a switch that lets you choose between repeating accessories and a single set, but I doubt it’s high on the list of features the devs are focusing on.

Maybe you can try getting a similar feel with less parts? Won’t work for an outright cosplay but it’s best to work with what you have.

7 months ago