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New gamplay mode : WoA (War Of Attrition) both for MP and SP one#779

Simple Description :
Attrition warfare is a military strategy consisting of belligerent attempts to win a war by wearing down the enemy to the point of collapse through continuous losses in personnel and materiel.

How my vision about this mode :
This mode are totally different from survival mode which is just staying alive for as long as possible.

But in this mode they will had different points to capture, to replish our arments and repairing the MASS for most of the time with interval where is we can select severals type quick upgrades for our MASS in there, like changing armanents, repairing the MASS (Healing), and probably if possible to taking OS node upgrades using the point available.

i will describing the capture nodes first for easier to make the visions.

Capture nodes :
Materials node -> This node will be giving us players material that can be used for : Amunitions, Weaponary, Repairing (Healing the MASS it self).

Data nodes -> This node will be giving us players some data to be used for upgrading the nodes which is can show enemies layout for the next mission, location nodes, and nodes for upgrading the OS.

F.O.B (Forward Operation Base) :
FOB are used for fast maintaing the MASS, including upgrades and path selection of each mission, basically waiting area where we can use the facility in there for upgrading our MASS, and selecting the next mission.

Interval enemies :
Each severals time the enemies will be tougher than before, but they also giving higher mutliplier points in the end of each mission. (Please check Dyansty warriors 8 extreme legend : Ambition Mode).

Single player modes :
WOA on Single player modes can be saved if you are in FOB zone and can come back again.

WOA on Multiplayer cannot be saved and will be calculated in the end of sessions.
but the MP will had more rewards than single player but also tougher enemies.

Afterwards :
When the session is ended you will be receive the rewards depending on :
How long your missions in there each mission will be hold their own weight.
Win got 100% of whats you get in the mode
Lose got 50% of whats you get in the mode

Well i think i will ended the suggestion in here because i got so much harder time to thinking details each step since this is based on Magic Survival game in Mobile that has i combined with Phantasy Star Online 2 game which has endless mission with good tailoring each stages, but in the end i got messed up in severals word hope this will be easy to understanding.

Note :
The name are still tentative and leave it to devs for giving it better name if got implemented.

6 months ago