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weapon based weakpoints#776

about the “weakpoint system” why not have separate weakpoints for each weapon type
that way nothing is really left behind gameplay wise and even adds a level of mixing up to perhaps hit a more accessible weakpoint in the given moment

6 months ago

This is a double-edged sword.

Having weaknesses locked to specific weapons is going to punish the more specialized melee and ranged builds that people still think need a lot of balancing and reworks in order to be fun to play.

BUT this will actually take advantage of the fact that every single weapon is a button-press away. Without something like this, all of that button allocation is just wasted space on the aforementioned specialized builds. The devs have constantly cited the lack of button space on the controller for commands that people want, when it’s filled with commands that the specialized builds they’re encouraging would never use. This would alleviate some of that external tension towards them.

I’m for this kind of change because it’s basically good game design to have all these different abilities actually do different things, but ONLY if the devs can make this part of the game philosophy, and they’ve been depressingly adamant about avoiding larger overhauls to gameplay and tuning.

6 months ago