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Special Missions Idea 2 ( Core Infiltration)#738

Mission is Simple get to the Core of an very big Complex and destroy it.

  1. Many things can kill you with one hit, you must avoid them or destroy them. But on the other hand they have very low HP
  2. The Complex is big and like an labyrinth (that is always different when you load the mission again.

(Eventually next tech helps here like “temporary stealth” ?

To top all that you have an timelimit what is always the same.
And the Core is guarded by an enemy’s who can change his defense tactic really fast.

a year ago
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a year ago

I dislike having a health bar if there’s something that can kill me in one hit, maybe something that ignores defenses instead so it does high damage? That motivates you to play carefully without making it punishingly difficult where you can be killed by something you had no way of seeing.

a year ago

@Agailazen i have added your (enemys need less hp to balance this) to the idea itself :) i didnt think of this

a year ago