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Special Missions Idea 1 ( Train/Airship Cargo Defence)#737

Missions that don’t have the “kill them all” theme

Train/Airship Cargo Defense
– You are on an massive Airship in the Sky or on an massive levitating Train in den Desert.
Booth need to get to an specific point in the Map.
You need to defend the Cargo, the engines and the defense-weapons.
Cargo = When the Cargo is destroyed (maybe an experimental Tech that the enemy’s want to destroy) the mission failed.
Engines = When one gets destroyed the Airship or Train gets slower, when over 80% of them are destroyed the airship/Train stops undtil an specific amount of them are repaired.
Defense Weapons = They defend the Airship/Train from enemy’s, they can self-repair but when one is destroyed it cant be repaired.
Repair Drones = Small Drones that want to repair the engines, they themself can be destroyed but many of them spawn new after a while and move out of the Airship/Train after a while.

This Mission can generate an random route on the Map every time you want/must to make it. The Route Length is always the same.

To make it all a little more Spicy, how about the HoverTrain or Airship has an save area or shiueld and when you get to far away from the Vehicle you face radiation/lava/heat,cold or whatever, that can destroy you in secounds so you need to be near the vehicle all the time.
My< fgavorite idea is an elctric stom around the vehicle, the flash strikes are dangerous but only strick in big ateneas on the vehicle BUT when you get to far away they strike you directly. The enemys that are aataking are immune to it or come in big landing ships and this landing ships are immune to it :)

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