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A kinda, sorta sorted list of things I'd like to see added, please.#732

Opacity Sliders for Decals; and if possible as a third option for colors, besides Metallic and Gloss.
It would be nice to have glass, crystal, energy, magic, whathaveya armor / weapons.
Speaking of sliders, the option to scale Decals on the x- and y-axis seperately.
And speaking of Decals, a Damage category. Scratches, cuts, cracks, scorch marks… that kinda stuff. Maybe splash and drip effects?

Skull faceplate and accessories, both stylized and realistic.

Half a sphere accessory, hollow preferably… and at least M sized.

Spike row accessories, teeth are kind of a slot hog atm. Rows of 3, 4 and 5 spikes should solve that… and look nice elsewhere too.

Full and half ring accessories.

Coil accessories, to wrap around limbs for example.

Eye accessory, lid and all.

Chainsaw and buzzsaw Assaulters.

Clamp Assaulter, surprisingly hard to make with accessories. Bonus points if it slowly opens and then snaps close.

Hulk Fist Assaulter… and a Katar Grip that hides the actual hand.

Animated tentacle Assaulter… unlikely, but I still want it.

Stripe Patterns, both (evenly spaced) broad and (pin stripe) thin. Maybe something nature inspired.

Scales Pattern.

Chipping paint Pattern.

Cracking paint Pattern.

Circuit board Pattern.

Rust effect Pattern.

That’s all for now.^^

a year ago