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Quantum break Armor switche#709


I propose in the mecha build interface a “quantum shape” button
this button returns to a copy of the customization of the machine that can be retouched allowing the player to save a second form on the same mecha!

With this language, players will have an option to select named:
During Quantum Break
After quantum break

the first option will change the usual form by the quantum form (the transition hide by the vfx) during the duration to this one will remain active!

The second option will change the usual form to the quantum form after the quantum break with a timer set in the option before the classic form returns!

(perfect for machine enthusiasts experiencing a visual setback in their appearance after a big attack)

the concept could even go even further with the possibility of assigning 3 forms / builds for the same machine

usual / normal
During quantum break
After the quantum break / against the neck of the quantum break!

such a system should easily make players dream, putting all their soul into a particular mecha that they consider their only machine!

as an example, join images of the unicorn gundam: imagine that the “mobil suit” shape and the classic appearance of your mecha.

And that the gundam deploy appearance and shape you can create that will be visible in games after or during your quantum break

a year ago

I’d straight up create Weltall and ID Weltall with that.

a year ago

personnaly an alternat version of ikaruga by knight & magic or juste a whole army corps in sub profile ^^

a year ago

and I did not speak that of the armor imagine that this system is reflected on the weapons also?

In quantum break or after it would mean a change of form / stage 2 not only for the mecha but also for these weapons!

(legendary weapon fans / or weapons with a gimick changing their shape or other will FINALLY be able to do their concept at 100%)

(and since concretely it will be just “object mecha destroy / instance object mecha - quantum break” and therefore only one of the 2 versions of the mecha will be physically present in games the question of optimization and less thorny and problematic since we have just to see its like our weapon switch on a mission but on a larger scale)

a year ago