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Melee-focused Abilities in sub nodes#695

Melee nodes currently in the game almost only increase damage, this is a boring lack of variety. Someone already suggested nodes to increase weapon reach, and that got me thinking of other abillities that melee users would greatly benefit from.

-Magnetizing enemies to the player, so that they will always be pulled in towards melee range
-Moves that throw enemies (or instant-stagger/knockdown if throws aren’t feasible)
-Faster Swing Speed
-Boosting deals damage and/or staggers enemies (This is especially important when there are no I-frames)
-Multi-hit swings (similar to using a chainsaw)
-Pull the player towards locked-on enemies (as if by a grapple cable)

If you have own idea of a utility or ability that doesn’t just increase damage, please add it on as a comment!

a year ago