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Weapon/Armor Editor Combination Preview?#693


I’ve found a number of times where I’ve really wanted to be able to see how a weapon aesthetic fits with the mech I’m designing it for. Is there a way we could get perhaps a preview option to toggle back and forth between so that we can see how weapons fit the mech?

Example: I’m putting together a melee weapon for my mech. I’m not sure which assaulter I want to use to fit the aesthetic I’m going for, so I hit the tab and can temporarily view the mech with attached weapons in 360-degree field before toggling back to the weapon editor – also being able to toggle to the same view while editing the mech if working a design from the other direction?

a year ago
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a year ago

Shared Custom Styles between the armor and weapons would also be appreciated, it’s something of a chore to make weapons look integrated into the machine if the custom styles don’t match.

a year ago