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Weapons Need to Feel how they Look.#653

Its been bugging me for a while now. Daggers have the same Damage, Speed, and Reach as Swords, Scythes, Hammers, Axes, etc. I could have 8 unique looking weapons, but they all have the same feel. Nothing else different about them. I get that tuning is where the stats come in but come on! Range weapons have Disticnt differences. Bullet weapons have Single Shot (which does minor burst damage), Automatic Fire, Spread Shot, and Detonator (Delayed Explosive Damage). Energy weapons have Single Shot (same as Bullet version), Automatic Fire, Ray (constant beam), and Wave. I could make one of each type and most of these will feel different without tuning. Tuning would allow for a difference between Bullet and Energy when it comes to Single Shot and Automatic Fire.

So how would you apply these differences to melee weapons? I can think of Two methods: Weapon Tuning or Weapon Class.

Weapon Class:

A list of classes that adjust (Damage, Speed, Reach)

There would also be a list of stances ( 1-H Forward [current sword stance], 1-H Reverse Stance [current knife stance], 2-H Short grip [Ex: 2 hand Sword], 2-H Polearm [Ex: Spears, Axes, Hammers] ). You could Technichally break down stances further into Weapon types (Spears would have more thrust animations, where as Scythes would have only slashing animations).

Weapon Tuning:

There would be 6 types stat nodes and only one can be active at a time.

Double Damage: 2x Multiplier for Damage

Double Speed: 2x Multiplier for Speed

Double Reach: 2x Multiplier for Reach

Damage Boost: 1.5x Multiplier for Damage

Speed Boost: 1.5x Multiplier for Speed

Reach Boost: 1.5x Multiplier for Reach

Then their would be stance nodes (again only one can be installed at a time).

Please don’t just shoot this down. It does not restrict creativity in anyway. It allows for more percision when designing your melee weapons. Otherwise everyone has the same melee weapon. If I want to make a single Element Mech, and I make four weapons of the same element. No matter how different they look, they all behave then same. My Fire daggers or my Fire hammer; which is better? Neither. That is ridiculous.

2 years ago
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2 years ago

Yeah, it would be great if weapons had their own development tree and tuning sections so you could also differentiate how each one handles to your liking. That seems difficult to implement, though, because you have to alternate between TEN different melee weapons.

2 years ago

I was going to make this exact suggestion. Almost. Going to tag on a little more than this:

Right now we have a slight difference in reach for longer melee weapons, and a slight difference in combat aesthetics.

The suggestion on the table is added differences in speed, damage, and reach. I third this without hesitation. Excellent suggestions.

I’d also like to see added benefits for choosing to use a single two-handed weapon over dual wielding. Right now there is no real reason NOT to use two spears/maces/hammers/scythes/lances/dual-blades at once. Doubling up increases your threat range for only a marginal increase in weight – I know weight changes are coming, but even so this is a miniscule issue. I’d love to see two-handed weapons gain a damage boost over dual weilding –

Dual Weilding receives a speed boost – damage goes up in relation to dps but is reduced by armor stat.

Single-Weilding a two-handed weapon receives a raw damage boost – either damage is increased and speed decreased, or maybe even a slight armor shaving advantage subject to balancing needs.

It might also be nice to see a slight difference between assaulters and grips of different styles within the same weapon. I like having the aesthetic difference, but if we’re including weight differences, why wouldn’t there be a difference in performance between say the “Long Assault Blade” and “Katana Blade?” Might be too much to implement, but could be a fun inclusion for 0.9.0?

a year ago