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Armors of Simple Shapes and Armors of Varied Sizes#608

As I was going on another bout of customizing MASS, I noticed a peculiar trend somewhat realized with Kaiser and fully with Panzer. In one family of Armors, rather than having 3 of the Same Armor with different detail bits (See Assault, Titan, and Blitz), Kaiser’s legs had a “Thin, Mid, Thick” mentality that was then used to the fullest extent with Panzer. I would love to see future armor sets obey this principal. perhaps even go back to older armor sets to enforce this principal for consistency’s sake.

Now for the Second idea, that leads into Accessories. As some requests have clamored for something of a “Super Robot” Aesthetic in a MASS frame, my idea is slightly different but leading into that same possibility for users: Three Armor Sets that use distinctly simple shapes to better accomodate complicated accessory compilations. a sort of set of blank canvases to accessorize and customize. These Simple Shapes could also work quite well in realizing “retro” designs for users not as adept in using Accessories. The three shapes are Circle, Square, and Triangle.

Armor Circular would be made of Cylinders, tubes, and sphere-like shapes
Armor Triangular would be made of Diamonds, Pyramids, and pointed shapes
Armored Cubular would be made of Boxes, Cubes, and hard-edged shapes.

Detailed enough to look good on their own, but simple enough that accessories never seem out of place or clipping through Greebles and extra chunks on that one piece that’s almost the right shape (See: Blitz, Hammerfall, Panzer)

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