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Into the Fire Beginning Mission.#587

A map where the quarks have destroyed a city, through text prompts you’ll find your way to a downed “MASS” or piloting staion to control such… and then throw out the operations manual because you are a “Pro Gamer, How hard can it be”

The players will have to fend for themselves till back up arrives, in a bare bones, stripped down MASS… with a little kiddy knive and single shot gun, no rockets or other weapons.

It will be a 5 min mission, that basically throws one into the heat of combat, just to see what they will do.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
2 years ago

This will most likely be a no given the the premise of the game is build a machine however you like and go into combat without worry. This justs takes all of that out.

2 years ago

Sounds fun but not the right kind of game.

2 years ago