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Improved frame design (see attached diagram)#576

Rework of frame joints to be more consistent with the visual focus of armor parts. Allows creation of mechs more similar to Gundam and even Armored Core, while also being visually pleasing.

Achieved by increasing size of thigh or entire leg, raising hip attachment point to be in line with armor skirts.

*Gundam image credited to Bandai.

2 years ago
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2 years ago

I was hoping of getting rid of the frame skirts or at least trimming it down so that when we get rid of the front and back skirts we could get something like this.

We would use accessories on the front waist or upper leg armor to cover the joint to further achieve a slimmer looking Mass.

2 years ago

like in comment above

2 years ago

In the “part 1” preview of accessories we were recently given, there is a part that would be able to serve just this purpose (image attached), but as stated here it would require the skirt flaps of the frame to be removed.

As for the proportions of the frame itself, a similar oddity in the joint focus exists in both the arms and the legs, causing them to look almost “boneless.” The simplest way to fix this would be to reduce the length of the “knee” and “elbow” joints of the frame, and extend the adjacent parts of the limbs to accommodate.

2 years ago
Merged Add Toggleable component for Skirt/Waist#627
2 years ago