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Centaur Frame w/ Battle Chariot#526

Ive always loved the centaur type of mecha/gunpla and i think it would be an amazing addition to MASS Builder with a new fighting mechanic such as a turret/gun mounted or Missile pod mounted battle chariot. The Battle Chariot slot will use weapons from your equipped slots and there will be a different type of chariot for you primary weapons, one for secondary weapons and the final one for your missiles. you can only equip one chariot so if you have a primary weapon chariot, you can switch the gun liek you do normally but you only on hand weapon will be secondary weapons (vice verca for a secondary weapon chariot). Missile pod chariot will not effect your on hand weapon it will be the same as it is currently but just mounted on a chariot

(The picture linked to this suggestion post is the Tzendolg from the anime series Kinghts and magic)

2 years ago
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2 years ago

The dedicated chariot weapon is probably unlikely to happen but the frame itself is definitely possible.

I say so because of VDs policy which is customisation first, that being aesthetic customisation meaning tying stats to parts as little as possible. This is even more so on unique characteristics for individual frames, just to be clear im not against the centaur frame itself. Only its weapons.

Oh, one more thing. VD has stated that it wishes for frames to retain their mobility as to be able to manuever around maps and finish the mission. This would make pulling a chariot even less likely.

2 years ago

well are posts are likely to be merged

2 years ago