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Destroyed limbs mechanic#460

make the MASS capable to destroy limbs. for example. if someone mecha left arm destroyed, they cant able to use shield or use left hand weapons. if they legs destroyed, their movement are slow and limited.

like this for example

front mission always have 4 bars, right arm, left arm, legs, and body.
if we destroy the body. the mech is dead along with pilot, if one of the arms destroyed.. they cant perform attack with weapons. if legs destroyed. they move slowly.

soo instead 1 hp bar, we have 5 health bar.. which is 2 arms, 2 legs, and 1 body. or add head to have HP for vision disadvantage.

for me mecha battle will me more good if there is destroyed part.. its not natural if they just destroyed in one piece.. im sure everyone want to tear up some mecha piece by piece

3 years ago
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3 years ago

I would definitely like to see this as a feature for its aesthetic impact.

Also a option to toggle the limbs damage in photomode too would be cool.

3 years ago

I have mixed feelings on this because frankly having parts break off in a fight means you can no longer use them. If you lose your weapon arm, you might as well be dead. As you just said, if arms are destroyed, you can’t attack with weapons. So at that point, what can you do?

3 years ago

Actually, since you said that im also starting to have mixed feelings about this too, I mean there is healing nodes but thats mid to late game stuff. Hmm, if this were only for aesthetics Id be down for it buts its gameplay imapact is too much for my liking now.

3 years ago

drones exist.. but u can just use broken limbs as debuff where u get extra damage when get hit. we can just suggest if both arms destroyed then we died. i honestly wish its implemented because i do want to fight with that bloody and destructive scenes.

and lastly.. thats make us different from using our character as human and use mecha.. where human will surely die when they lost some of blood and limbs.. while mecha can fight to dead even they lost one of the arms

3 years ago

I’m against this. DxM has it and it’s just annoying. Location damage works in Mechwarrior because the combat is slow and it’s easy target the parts you want destroyed. MASS build has none of foundation needed to make this work. And for all the effort it would take to add it, what we’d get is a system that makes the game worse.

3 years ago

If we are to make a compromise, I’d like to pitch my idea. Crippling limbs like in Fallout just gives a disadvantage to accuracy on your arms, while movement speed is lowered if your legs are hit.

If we transfer this to Mass Builder, I think the debuffs should have a time limit if you are able to stay out of damage for long enough. The second option would be to make a researchable emergency repair bot or add the function to nanobots to fix yourself up.

2 years ago