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Improve stories, combat and missions#444


Good morning to all! My opinion is to revisit missions, repetitiveness and boss fights.
Have more variety of maps with varied and well-kept scenarios, enemies that sometimes resemble a lot of musou, and mechanics a bit ‘woody.
I would take more care of the story before the missions and implement all the weak point that the title has at the moment: the gameplay.
I would therefore aim to implement the technical department leaving aside for the moment the already excellent customization department.

3 years ago

Many players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the story already and have just resorted to head cannoning as well as reading the archives. Many suggestions to improve the combat gameplay have been made already too, all with varying levels of detail and size.

Same goes for want in mission scenery variety which VD are doing more of with underground facilities, abandoned cities and general human made strucutres.

A musou empire type suggestion has already been made in post #204 [Empires-Like Game mode]

I advise looking through previous posts to see if your ideas and thoughts have already been made.

3 years ago
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3 years ago