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Ability to change the staff of your PMC#205


Ok, sure, I get it, the cast presented is intentionally designed to traditional anime archetypes and aesthetics to appeal to the wide audience of those that do enjoy them. The problem is, well, I just cannot care for any of them, to an extent that interacting with them before missions is a bit of a chore bogging down a game with great potential. Because of the story constraints, I don’t see this being a suggestion that could be acted on with any sort of haste, but I do request consideration to the idea of letting players choose from some selection of characters or character designs to fill various roles in your organization rather than be stuck with… a harem of annoying fat-tittied adult children and three generic anime dudes.
Just to clarify, I don’t mean remove the current cast of characters. Just, like, maybe give us the option to customize the characters we have to deal with before missions in addition to customizing our mechs, you know.

3 years ago

I think something most ideal would be similar to how the Mechwarrior games handle staff where you can hire or fire off people to work beside you in missions. Only difference is that with MASS Builder it would just be cosmetic.

3 years ago
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3 years ago