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Less cliched characters#151

I feel like the overly cliched characters not only add nothing to this game, they cheapen the amazingly detailed mecha and customization. Especially the female characters, there are plenty more appealing modern anime depictions of women, there’s no need to resort to big jiggly breasts or lolita depictions. Even taking cultural sensitivies into acount, I don’t think this game needs to dress itself up by sexualized characters.

At least the male characters (Wildman McGruff and Dandy Getinyapants) are just as chliched as the females.

I think I was expecting more Ghost In the Shell style artwork and characters with depth and maturity and less of Gurren Lagan, Full Metal Panic.

3 years ago

Well if we’re gonna talk “cliched” they could be going the route of finding something bigger like alot of the mecha anime’s usually find about halfway through the series. If that is the case, we’ll wish for them to be back to this point :P
Now in all seriousness, maybe I just see things different, but at this point, just about any character could be cliched to a degree. And given that the indiegogo shown that the characters looked as they did then for the most part, it isn’t a “need to resort” as much as that is how it was. Jiggly breast, perhaps it could be toned down slightly as its not Soul Calibur or Ninja theory game, but otherwise, that is more on looks and not the characters themselves.

3 years ago
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